Baby Girl has just finished first year at uni in England with flying colours.
Just like most uni ‘freshmen,’ she had to move out of her ‘house’ on campus with everything that she’s accumulated during the year.
We crossed the Channel to help her move out and bring back her “junk” home. Next year, she will be renting a house with some of her close uni friends (a real house out of campus) and so, we won’t have to come every end of term to move her things back and forth….
We decided that a brief sightseeing tour was in order on the way back to our home in the European Capital.

We visited Folkestone, a nice, sleepy seaside town in the southern coast of England. The sea front is lined with beautiful Georgian and lovely Victorian homes and buildings. On a clear day, one can see France across the English Channel (or La Manche as it’s called in France!)

We stayed overnight at The Grand, a beautiful, genuine Victorian hotel facing The English Channel.. It was rumoured that Edward VII used to spend his dalliances with his mistress(es) in one of the hotel rooms above overlooking the “monkey conservatory”, hence the expression “doing monkey business” as one lady inhabitant of Folkestone told us.

We then made a side trip to 12th century Leeds Castle, a ruin that was purchased by Hon. Olive, Lady Baillie, daughter of an American heiress, who transformed the castle into one of the most glamorous homes in England.

To me, Leeds Castle is the epitome of ‘modern’ grace and glamour re-built and refurbished ever so tastefully, in a most romantic and gorgeous setting.

(More pics here.)


DSC00829The weather was fantastic last Saturday, stunnignly sunny and so we decided to take our young guest (shown in middle pic) for a short tour of Brussels, and of course not to be missed was the animted La Grande Place.  More here.DSC00814DSC00822

DSC00484Sometimes for want of something else to do, I would look around inside my tiny town house to see how I could re-arrange furniture, books, decorative items and bibelots. And believe it or not, I also used to inspect my pocket-sized garden to re-plant and re-position the multitude of pots that are disperesed everywhere but lately, I’ve been neglecting my town garden in favour ofDSC00200 my real garden in the countryside.

Today I was doing just that when I decided to take a few random pictures of the items and space that need a bit of attention… Click here to view.

Courégant Seascapes 114Courégant Seascapes 033Courégant Seascapes 055Le Courégant is situated in Morbihan, in the French province of Brittany. It has a wild coastline and is home to some of the most beautiful sea and sky views in this part of the world… Here are some of the views I captured on camera while we were on a brief holiday in the region last year.

More pics here.

Gardening time

Yes! Finally! We’re on track… transforming a part of the property into a garden or a mini private park has begun.

Last week, we spent some four days in our Brittany home which, incidentally, is undergoing a major overhaul — from top to bottom — prioritising our garden.

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Off for a few days…

Things to do for and with the babies, for and in the house(s), and perhaps weather permitting, do a bit of golf on the side, but not necessarily in that order!

Baby Girl shown preparing for a swing…IMG_4251

The kiddies are growing up and becoming “independent” too. I put independent in quotation marks because in reality, their independence is still a bit of an illusion.

The boat and weekend or Sunday sailing have now been relegated to a “We’ll see…!” activity. The poor 420 which was initially loved and taken care of so enthusiastically began to be neglected. And so, today, I decided that I shall have to sadly, part with her and will put up a notice that she’s for sale.

I don’t know how the kiddies will react to the news but heck, it’s not fun doing it on your own (me, alone!) and taking care of the boat (even a 420 needs TLC every now and then).

Pictures of kiddies with Daddy boating during an outing in Brittany.

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