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DSC00484Sometimes for want of something else to do, I would look around inside my tiny town house to see how I could re-arrange furniture, books, decorative items and bibelots. And believe it or not, I also used to inspect my pocket-sized garden to re-plant and re-position the multitude of pots that are disperesed everywhere but lately, I’ve been neglecting my town garden in favour ofDSC00200 my real garden in the countryside.

Today I was doing just that when I decided to take a few random pictures of the items and space that need a bit of attention… Click here to view.


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Gardening time

Yes! Finally! We’re on track… transforming a part of the property into a garden or a mini private park has begun.

Last week, we spent some four days in our Brittany home which, incidentally, is undergoing a major overhaul — from top to bottom — prioritising our garden.

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Things to do for and with the babies, for and in the house(s), and perhaps weather permitting, do a bit of golf on the side, but not necessarily in that order!

Baby Girl shown preparing for a swing…IMG_4251

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