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Baby Girl has just finished first year at uni in England with flying colours.
Just like most uni ‘freshmen,’ she had to move out of her ‘house’ on campus with everything that she’s accumulated during the year.
We crossed the Channel to help her move out and bring back her “junk” home. Next year, she will be renting a house with some of her close uni friends (a real house out of campus) and so, we won’t have to come every end of term to move her things back and forth….
We decided that a brief sightseeing tour was in order on the way back to our home in the European Capital.

We visited Folkestone, a nice, sleepy seaside town in the southern coast of England. The sea front is lined with beautiful Georgian and lovely Victorian homes and buildings. On a clear day, one can see France across the English Channel (or La Manche as it’s called in France!)

We stayed overnight at The Grand, a beautiful, genuine Victorian hotel facing The English Channel.. It was rumoured that Edward VII used to spend his dalliances with his mistress(es) in one of the hotel rooms above overlooking the “monkey conservatory”, hence the expression “doing monkey business” as one lady inhabitant of Folkestone told us.

We then made a side trip to 12th century Leeds Castle, a ruin that was purchased by Hon. Olive, Lady Baillie, daughter of an American heiress, who transformed the castle into one of the most glamorous homes in England.

To me, Leeds Castle is the epitome of ‘modern’ grace and glamour re-built and refurbished ever so tastefully, in a most romantic and gorgeous setting.

(More pics here.)


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A 6-day trip to Italy may be quite tiring but can also be vivifying.

Last week, we left the cold, sun-less capital of Europe to arrive in busy, noisy but sunny Naples.

I’ve always loved Italy particularly its southern coast. Its mix of sophistication and crudeness never ceases to amaze me.

Full story and more pictures in my Picture Pot-Pourri blog…

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