A 6-day trip to Italy may be quite tiring but can also be vivifying.

Last week, we left the cold, sun-less capital of Europe to arrive in busy, noisy but sunny Naples.

I’ve always loved Italy particularly its southern coast. Its mix of sophistication and crudeness never ceases to amaze me.

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img_3675img_3676Meet my lil bodyguard, my companion, and family’s best friend… she’s as fierce and as courageous as a Doberman and as fierce a fighter as a Pit Bull! I kid thee not!img_36663

I got this pièce de la résistance a couple of months ago.

It’s a small Edwardian solid silver bowl which I hope will brighten the living room mantelpiece. It was made by William Wheatcroft in 1903 with a Sheffield assay. It’s not too big, 8 inches only in height and 10 inches in diameter. I just love antique solid silver artwork but they must be pretty and must not look very tarnished, in other words, in relatively excellent condition.

My Baby Boy!

Picture taken in front of country home that we are renovating at the moment.

Baby Boy was doing some exercise (some kind of martial arts thinggy) when I called him to look at the camera — he then just stopped doin what he was doing (bit camera shy.)

Baby Boy who’s almost 17 years old is 6’1″ but needs to eat a lot more to be as tall as Daddy who’s 6’3″ and a bit.

Baby Boy hates it when I call him “Baby Boy” and snaps back, “I’m no longer a baby!”

Yeah, yeah, you’ll still be my baby boy even when you’re already a grandfather!

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Mon cher blog,

It’ s been quite a while!

Been very busy with so many things. There have been so many things on “my plate” and so have not paid attention to my personal blogs.

One of my many pre-occupations these last few weeks besides the renovations on my Brittany home is purchasing antique objects, an exhilirating but rather expensive hobby.

I confess that I am an incorrigible antique hoarder — just don’t have the heart to get rid of some of my collectables at home to the frustration of my kiddies and my hubby! (Heh!)

Collecting old and beautiful pieces is a passion. I like to collect old, sterling silver teapots, bowls, mugs, tankards, cigarette cases, vesta cases, large photo frames, snuff boxes, rare fobs and medals including pretty crystal decanters. I’m only interested in collecting any of those items if it’s old, pretty, in reasonably mint condition and hallmarked solid sterling silver (except for the decanters).

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